• In collaboration with Shalom Community Farm, the Friendship Garden will be an inclusive garden that will grow trees, fruit, vegetables and of course...friendship!
  • This 3,500 square foot enabled garden will be built on the newly purchased property of Chabad of West Houston.
  • There will be a 10,000 gallon fish pond with a small waterfall.
  • A few benches will be placed near the pond to enable participants to have some downtime and relax as they hear the water falling into the pond.
  • There will be a stamped concrete walkway around the raised garden beds to enable participants in wheelchairs to be included.
  • The garden will be protected by a fence and there will be a concrete wheelchair ramp for anyone who needs access.
  • There will be a monthly gardening program for the participants.
  • The Friendship Garden will also be open to the general disability community a few times a month.

Working alongside others in a garden dissolves boundaries and strengthens social bonds. This is yet another way Friendship Circle provides an inclusive social experience for the Houston community.

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