You’re a teen through and through. You love your music, DVDs, and cool clothes. But, can you make a difference with just great gear? It takes other must-haves like time, friendship, or being a volunteer!

Say “yes” to volunteering, time and friendship, because we know someone who really needs a Friend; it’s a child with special needs. The Friendship Circle has got many ways for you to be a part of something that’s really incredible.

We know teens can and do make a difference, and the Mitzvah of being a Circle volunteer is a great way to give an extraordinary gift to an extraordinary kid! And hey, you’ll make lots of new friends too! Why not enjoy activities with other teens just like you, teens who know that giving to others makes you feel better about yourself and the world!

Wanna know more? Here’s an idea of what Friendship Circle volunteers participate in, on a regular basis.

Friends@Home! That’s right! We’ll match you, and another Jewish teen, either a friend of yours who wants to volunteer, or someone we’ll find for you, with a child who has special needs. You’ll both make a weekly visit to your special friend’s home to share activities. The personal rewards are awesome, both for you, and your special friend! Think “coffee break.” Think “downtime.” Think what you’ll do for the parents who really need a breather!

Wanna celebrate? Then being a part of our Holiday Programs is the way to go. Your special friend gets to celebrate holidays together with other friends and volunteers, making memories along the way. It’s anything but ordinary!

Lots of other special programs: Bi-monthly Shabbat Dinners, Bowling buddies, Sunday Circle and more. Special benefits like awesome trips, educational workshops, training programs, and cool social events.

So, are you ready to call or e-mail the Friendship Circle today? Because a special friend is waiting for your visit.
Contact Rabbi Zally Lazarus at 832-857-0770 ext 3 or email at zally@friendshiphouston.com